Pleated Filter Cartridge 0,1 micron
Pleated Filter Cartridge
Pleated Filter Cartridge 0,1 micron, Filter Cartridge 0,1 micron, Pleated Filter Cartridge, Pleated Filter, Cartridge 0,1 micron, Pleated Filter 0,1 micron

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 Pleated Filter Cartridge 0,1 micron



·         Excellent chemical compatibility. Suitable for filtering organic solvents, acid bases.

·         Pleated design increased the filtration area.

·         low pressure drop, long service life

·         Full range of removal ratings



·         Post-Filter for drinking water treatment

·         Chemical Processing

·         Food & Beverage

·         Semiconductor

·         Pharmaceuticals

·         Oil Industry


Specifications Pleated Filter Cartridge 0,1 micron

·         Micron ratings : 0.1μm

·         Length :  10", 20", 30", 40"

·         Outside diameter : 69mm

·         End Cap : 222/Flat , 222/Fin, 226/Flat, 226/Fin, DOE

·         Max. Operating Temperature : 80oC @1 bar,support adaptors are recommended for temperature exceeds 50 oC

·         Maximum operating differential pressure : 4.0bar ,normal temperature

·         Maximum operating differential pressure (reverse direction): 2.0bar normal temperature

·         Sterilization temperature time :  5 times, 20 Minute cycles at 120 oC


Pleated Filter Cartridge 0,1 micron

PFI polypropylene pleated filter cartridges is constructed of three polypropylene melt-blown superfine fiber membranes with differed fiber micron, hot spun-melt in the inner & outer polypropylene sheath after pleated and integrated. The filtration area is more than 10 times larger than normal standard depth filter cartridge. When liquid fluctuates, the membrane will cause no influence to removal rating. This is a fixed type of filter cartridge with better depth filtration stability.
Except PP pleated cartridges, PFI also provide other materials s Polyether-sulfone, PTFE and PVDF pleated cartridges. Generally, the material of inner & outer sheath is material of polypropylene. We also offer totally PTFE construction for some critical application


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